Interserve commissioned CivilPro to provide a change of use Professional Appraisal to various steel lattice towers located in BF Cyprus. The objective of the Professional Appraisal (PA) is to verify whether the structure has adequate capacity against the applied loads. We have estimated the 10 minute wind speed to be 50 m/s then as part of the calculations estimated the maximum allowable wind speed for the tower and foundation. The tower was analysed to BS8100 with the wind speed of 30-50m/s derived from National Annex CYS EN 1991-1-4 Wind Actions corrected from 10 minute to mean hourly. A check on the maximum permissible wind speed based on the unity factor has also been carried out. The challenge of this project was the high slenderness of the structures and lateral wind effects

ClientInterserve Structural EngineerCivilPro Tech Engineering Consultants LLC

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