Glastonos Building

CivilPro has been engaged by Hybrid Construction to carry out seismic assessment and option study for strengthening works to the building. On January 1st 2012, all previous standard were withdrawn and were replaced by the Eurocodes, including Eurocode 8 for the design of seismic resistant structures. In this project Eurocode 8 Part 1 & 3 was used to assess and obtain the seismic performance of the building under a range of seismic loading. The challenge in this project was to seismic strengthen the building to a certain level of earthquake and to define seismic technique to meet the client budget. Due to budget limitation concrete column jacketing using four steel angles fixed at the corners of the concrete columns and steel strips spaced at a rational spacing are welded to the angles to form a steel cage was selected.

ClientA.Y. Hybrid Construction LtdArchitectGeorge SymeouStructural EngineerCivilPro Tech Engineering Consultants LLCCost of project€0.2 Million

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