CivilPro has been engaged by Sofronis Marcou Architects to carry out the design of a multi-level building in Nicosia area. The building structure utilizes 5 storeys of reinforced concrete wall-equivalent dual system in both principal directions. The structural solution comprises two way floor plates with reinforced concrete columns and beams and long cantilever slabs of 4.5m. A particular challenge was the design of long beams/slabs to accommodate a clear height of 3.35m. Due to this requirement, the depth of the beam was limited and due to this requirements, pre-camber to beam & slab was considered during the deflection checks in order to meet the allowable deflection limits of the code.

ClientPolart Housing LtdArchitectSofronis Marcou ArchitectsStructural EngineerCivilPro Tech Engineering Consultants LLC Cost of project€0.7 MillionYear2019

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